Opting out of data collection about your mobile device

This website lets you choose to opt out of having your mobile device counted in statistics provided by the RetailNext platform.

Our privacy policy governs how we safeguard and share data we collect, including the process to opt out of data collection about your device.

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Your device

We identify Wi-Fi devices by their hardware network address, which is called the MAC address. In order to delete data collected about your device and prevent further collection, you must provide your MAC address.

On Apple devices, your MAC address can be found under Settings > General > About > Wi-Fi Address and will look like something like this: 00:AB:CD:98:76:54.

On Android devices, your MAC address can be found under Settings > About phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC address and will look something like this: 00:ab:cd:98:76:54.

MAC Address

The information you submit on this form is used solely to verify the validity of your request so that we can satisfy your request and is subject to our privacy policy. To prevent abuse, we may record information about your IP address and web browser along with the data you enter into this form.